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Energy Existing Dwelling EPC

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document which states the energy efficiency of a building based on the standardised way that the building is used. Carbon dioxide (CO2) ratings are shown in bandings from A to G, with A being the least polluting. For dwellings cost-based ratings are also shown with bandings from A to G indicating the least running costs. The main focus of the EPC is the amount of CO2 that is estimated to be released from the building. The performance of the building is benchmarked against current building standards and recommends cost effective improvements. The EPC must be fixed to the building and will be valid for a period of up to ten years (subject to not being sold or rented in that time).

EPCs are now required for all new buildings constructed after 1 May 2007. However, as of January 2009 all existing buildings require an Energy Performance Certificate. Buildings when constructed, sold or rented out, including homes, public sector buildings and business premises require an Energy Performance Certificate.

We offer a professional Energy Performance Certification (EPC) and Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) service for anyone who is building, selling or renting a domestic home in Scotland. Our EPC and SAP service also extends to the production of thermal engineering solutions for both existing and new homes. The services that we provide, will compliment the services that are offered by Estate Agents, Solicitors and Letting Agencies.

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"Stuart provides us with a very comprehensive service from working drawings to certification of section 6. We are extremely happy with his service and will continue to use SKAD for all our building regulation compliance and sustainability requirements"

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