Veritherm Whole Building Evaluation

Veritherm is a unique and innovative testing solution that can rapidly assess a building's thermal performance in just a single night.

Combining advanced maths with low-cost technology, our fast and accurate results are being used to determine whether new builds are performing as they were designed to do, and to aid decision-making for retrofit projects and accurately sizing heating systems. Veritherm has revolutionised in-situ thermal performance measurement, making it quick, simple and affordable.

Rather than using existing heat loss assessments which rely on simple visual inspections, our fast and reliable measurement technique provides real-world data to give a far better understanding of the actual amount of energy that is lost through the thermal envelope of a building.


How it Works

Stage 1: Planning

Relevant design information, such as EPCs and energy assessments, is gathered and entered on our software platform.

We use this to see how the measured performance compares with its theoretical design.

We will also plan for the test to be carried out, considering access and any building or weather constraints

Stage 2: Preparation

One of our certified engineers will attend the property to set up the equipment and run pre-test checks.

Fans and heaters attached to smart plugs are placed to ensure there is an even mix of heat spread across the building, and the loggers will record the temperatures throughout the test.

The engineer is now able to leave the property as the software platform takes control of the test from this point

Stage 3: Measurement

The Veritherm test takes place overnight and is activated by our software platform. A measured heating load is applied to the building during the first phase, before the building is left to passively cool during the second phase.

The system measures the internal and external temperatures every minute, with the data being sent automatically to the Veritherm platform, where they can be viewed in real-time.

Stage 4: Validation / Outputs

As soon as the test completes at sunrise, the results are available in the form of a summary certificate, together with a full report which provides a breakdown of the data. These will give you a thermal performance rating, the amount of heat that is lost through the fabric (expressed in watts per kelvin), an understanding of the measured performance compared to the designed performance (ie the performance gap) and an average U-Value for the building.

With an elegant mix of advanced mathematics, low cost testing and a highly scalable digital platform, the Veritherm technology has revolutionised in-situ thermal performance measurement.