SAP Calculations (Domestic)

Before work can commence on site, all domestic buildings must have an energy assessment completed to ensure the development is compliant with the current building regulations.

In Scotland, these requirements fall under ‘Section 6 – Energy’ of the building regulations and in England and Wales, requirements are set out within ‘Part L1a – Conservation of Fuel and Power’. To ensure compliance is achieved, a certified Energy Consultant will need to complete a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP). The SAP methodology is the Government's adopted method for assessing all new build dwellings and is required to obtain a Building Warrant.

SAP calculations assess your home's annual energy consumption for space heating, domestic hot water, lighting, and ventilation based on standardized assumptions for occupancy and behavior.

How can we help?

SK/AD have a wealth of experience undertaking SAP calculations and can assist you through the relevant process. We have worked on many projects from small scale self-build projects, to large scale housing developments.

If compliance is not achieved from the outset, our team of experts can assist with practicable, cost-effective solutions to meet the required standards.

If needed, our Approved Certifier of Design service can further assist the Building Warrant process. Our in-house building professionals can approve the developments design without further assessment from Local Authorities, saving on both time and build costs.

What is required for a SAP calculation to be completed?

To complete an accurate SAP assessment, we require confirmation of the wall, floor and roof constructions; space and water heating specifications; ventilation specification; architectural drawings including floorplans, elevations and sections. If some specifications are yet to be finalized, we can assist with required performances to achieve compliance.

The sooner a SAP assessment can be completed the better, as non-compliance at a late stage of design can cause delays in getting the project to site and potentially increase build costs.

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