Passivhaus (PHPP)

Passivhaus, often referred to as Passive House in the UK, is an internationally recognised energy standard originating in Germany during the 1990s.

Why Build to a Passive House Standard?

When designing a development to a Passive House standard, “passive” influences such as solar gain, shading, ventilation, and dwelling orientation are built into the early-stage decision-making process to reduce reliance on active heating and cooling systems such as central heating and/or air conditioning. For many, Passive House is the ‘Gold Standard’ for low energy, low carbon, user focussed design.

Combining these influences with highly insulated, airtight construction elements, such as walls, floors, roofs, and windows, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 90% compared to that of a typical dwelling in the UK.

In addition to these benefits, Passive House developments offer exceptional occupant comfort due to consistent indoor air temperatures and indoor air quality.

How can we help?

At SK/AD, with our combination of Architects, Energy Consultants, and Air Tightness Technicians, we can assist with the delivery of your Passive House development from inception through to completion. For a Passive House project to be successful, communication between the design team and client is essential. Our experience designing energy efficient projects alongside performance testing thousands of developments means we can simplify the Passive House experience and reduce common short comings when designing to this stringent standard.

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