Approved Certifier of Design (ACD)

Due to the complexities of the Building Warrant process as well as the energy requirements laid out within the building regulations, time and money can often be wasted with insufficient or incorrect advice provided to Local Authorities.

To reduce this risk and develop trust and within the industry, The Building Standards Division of the Scottish Government set up the Approved Certifier of Design Scheme. This scheme is made up of industry professionals with relevant qualifications and expertise who can be employed to certify the design of a project and its complaints with the energy requirements of the Building Regulations.

At SK/AD, with the use of our in-house Certifiers, we can provide Certified Design Certificates for your domestic development. For clients, the benefits of this service include:

A 10% discount on the entire cost of the warrant fee, when a Certified Design is submitted with the application for a Building Warrant.

Due to the use of industry expertise, the Building Warrant process takes less time as there is no need for additional checks from the Local Authority for work that has been certified.

Utilising an Approved Certifier can often save on build costs as we have a wealth of knowledge regarding various topics including construction materials, renewable energy, energy efficiency and the relevant Building Regulations.

Approved Certifiers must meet the very high standards of qualifications and experience that are necessary to be accepted into the scheme and are subject to regular audits.

We are required to hold adequate insurance cover for any project certified offering comfort and reassurance to our clients who use this scheme.

Combined with our SAP, EPC, ventilation, sound and airtightness testing, the Approved Certifier of Design process can be used to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your energy requirements set out within the building regulations.